Privacy Policy

 The purpose and scope of information gathering:
- Collecting personal information of customers to support the storage and management of private clients business
- This is the basis for distinguishing the different customers to bring them the benefits and corresponding benefits
- The personal information can help customers better care to give customers absolute satisfaction for services.
The scope of information use:
- Mailing introduction of new products and the promotion of our company.
- Provides convenient, customer support services.
- Improving the quality of customer service of We.
- Solve problems and disputes arising in relation to the use of the pages of our company.
Time to store information:
- We will store the personal information provided by customers in the internal systems of us in the process of providing services to clients or until the completion of the purpose of the collection, or if you customers can request cancellation of the information provided.
Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data:
- Customers can directly contact us via email or the contact information is published on our website.
Privacy Commitment customer personal information:
- Commitment to unintentional disclosure of customer information, not sell or share customer information for the purpose of We trade violations between our commitments to the customers pursuant Qu Policy security of customer information of the company.
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